Rejuvenation and Repair of Canberra Decks

Breath new life into your old, tired deck with a professional Canberra deck restoration.

Old decks can be dangerous. Nails can come loose, which can cause a the deck timber to wobble or detach from the structure completely. They could pop up and protrude from the deck, creating a tripping hazard, or something which you can. The deck can warp or bow, making the surface uneven. The deck's frame can rot, which will increase the likelihood of structural damage or collapse.

Even decks that are good structural condition can benefit from a professional restoration. An old, weather faded deck can look like new with a professional sanding and oiling. While oiling a deck enhances the look of the deck by bringing out the colour and grain of the wood, its main function is to help preserve the wood so that it lasts longer which will save you money in the long run.

Different types of timber require different approaches to achieve the best result when performing a deck restoration. With over 40 years experience in the Canberra region, Canberra Deck Specialist have the experience to restore you deck to better-as-new condition. Contact us to arrange a comprehensive evaluation and quote for restoring your deck.


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